Miscellaneous Contracts

Almost every day in business, somebody wants you to either sign a contract or prepare one. It might be as simple as a non-disclosure agreement or as complicated as a master services agreement with a licensing element. You may have developed an idea with another entrepreneur or business partner, and now you want it written down and signed.  Whatever you need, we can help. 

We understand that simple contracts require simple and quick reviews, and we're happy to do that kind of work. We also understand that you may need this kind of review quickly, and we're happy to accommodate.

By the same token, when your transaction is complicated, you need all the skills of an experienced commercial lawyer who can see the legal risks and mitigate them early on. Our team can take on the largest projects and protect your company in the most complicated of situations.  There is truly no substitute for experience in commercial contracts.

For help with your contracting needs, call us today.


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