Our professionals are here to protect you. We use our experience and vast knowledge to help you become successful. We will be there for you during all stages of the process including licensing and procurement and will always be available for counseling and analysis. Our expertise does not end there; we have experience in combating product counterfeiters, handling Internet domain name issues and are able to provide counsel to our clients in all stages of disputes.

The intellectual property attorneys and practitioners at Kunzler Law Group include electrical and mechanical engineers, physicists, chemists, molecular biologists, authors, entrepreneurs, and software developers, many with advanced technical degrees. Many have had successful careers in industry before becoming attorneys. We have individual experience in a wide array of businesses and industries, including aerospace, semiconductors, petrochemical exploration and production, robotics, sporting equipment, automotive, entertainment.

We provide professional yet personal experience that lets you know that by choosing us your needs will be met and handled properly right from the start.

Please consult the adjacent list for details about specific services.